Working with i.landsat in GRASS GIS

In this tutorial, I’ll exemplify different uses of the freshly created i.landsat toolset and its integration with other GRASS GIS core modules and add-ons for a full workflow to process Landsat data. First of all, to be able to connect to EarthExplorer you’ll need a user name and password. If you are not yet registered, please see the register page for signing up. Then, create a plain text file with your credentials:

From zero to contributing an add-on for GRASS GIS

Eight years ago, while doing an MSc in Remote Sensing and GIS Applications at the Argentinean Space Agency - CONAE, I was looking for places where to do a 6-months internship in Italy. I wanted to go completely FOSS and I had heard about GRASS GIS, but hadn’t made the time to learn it until then. That was when I recalled a former colleague from university mentioning the keywords GRASS and Markus Neteler.