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From zero to contributing an add-on for GRASS GIS

Eight years ago, while doing an MSc in Remote Sensing and GIS Applications at the Argentinean Space Agency - CONAE, I was looking for places where to do a 6-months internship in Italy. I wanted to go completely FOSS and I had heard about GRASS GIS, but hadn’t made the time to learn it until then. That was when I recalled a former colleague from university mentioning the keywords GRASS and Markus Neteler.

Introduction to GRASS GIS

Intro to GRASS GIS workshop at OpenGeoHub Summer School 2019 together with Markus Neteler.

Design and implementation of an operational meteo fire risk forecast based on open source geospatial technology

We designed an integrated platform for early prediction of meteorological fire risk. The system is operative since the end of 2014 and estimates the fire danger index automatically, based on the 72 hours forecast of the Weather Research and Forecast …