Outcomes of an online GRASS GIS course

In March 2021, I taught a GRASS GIS online workshop as part of the distance learning offer of Gulich Institute (CONAE - UNC) in Argentina. We had a total of 65 students from different countries in South America. During the workshop, we studied different topics within GRASS ecosystem, but we mostly covered remote sensing, Object Based Image Analysis (OBIA) and time series analysis, making use of GRASS GIS extensions to obtain and process Landsat, Sentinel and MODIS data.

Working with i.landsat in GRASS GIS

In this tutorial, I’ll exemplify different uses of the freshly created i.landsat toolset and its integration with other GRASS GIS core modules and add-ons for a full workflow to process Landsat data. First of all, to be able to connect to EarthExplorer you’ll need a user name and password. If you are not yet registered, please see the register page for signing up. Then, create a plain text file with your credentials: